It was a hot night.
    Despite a summer vacation season, there ware some students in the art university. Their major is sculpture. They were making their art work in a Sculpture lab. It was almost midnight.
    One of them said, ‘‘Ok. I’m almost done. I’ll go home soon. I wanna sleep!’’
    ‘‘Me too, man. We’re so tired.’’
    ‘‘I gatta go, too, I should eat something,’’ an other guy said.
    ‘‘I’ll stay, I don’t think that’s enough,’’the female student said.
    These students all went home except her. She was left alone. She is the most serious person in that group. She continued to do her work. She was the only person left that school.
    While she was getting a little rest, she heard a strange low sound from outside the sculpture lab. It might have came from the door. The heavy door has never opened since she entered the university. The door is made from iron, painted grayish-green and is rusty in places. It looks like it cannot open. She wondered what this sound was and wanted to know where it came from.
    ‘‘Is anyone here?’’ she asked for some one. But no one answered her. The weird sound was still there. It was so quiet. She had cut a wood plate with a cutting machine, so it might have made the place more quiet.
    She decided to open the door. She grasped the knob of the door and turned it. The door  opened more easily than she expected. She felt weird. She looked into a room but she couldn’t see anything. She found a circuit breaker and light switches on the wall.
    She said, ‘‘What’s the big deal with darkness?’’and she put the lights on.
    ‘‘It works!!’’ She said with delight. She saw some old machine to make furniture in that room. There was huge cutting machine, a punch press machine and a guillotine with a blade heavy enough to cut through thick of cloth or paper. They looks old, but still good. They might work well. She wondered why this school doesn’t use these machines.
    For the heck of it, she cast on her eyes in the corner of the room. She saw a tall woman. And screamed. Suddenly, the door banged shut. And the lights went out. Panic took her and she cried with terror. But strangely enough, her scream didn’t reach outside. There was just a terrible silence outside. And then…

    She was trapped in the room.
    She was trapped in it for about two months.
    She was found dead in the room.

    After that, a cop found her and noticed some strange things. There were many of scars may be scratched by her on the floor, wall and even ceiling. And there were some tracks from the cutting machine moving on floor. It was very heavy stuff, so it was impossible to move by a female student.
    And he noticed that there were many hand prints left on the wall. And some of these were not hers. He thought it was strange and he conducted an investigation in to that room.

    And then, he learned something. A couple of decades ago, a female student was locked up in the room. And she was also found dead in the room the same as her. There were also scars and tracks from the cutting machines. She went crazy with fear and scratched her face and body herself. Because the door had not opened.
    Maybe there were her deep-seated animosities in the room. It might have made the female student mad. It might still be there and be waiting for somebody else.
    And I’m not sure about that university. So It might be this university…


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  1. oh shit!fortunately i’m not study sculpture, i won’t afraid! maybe Claire will hate to read this story, because she studied sculpture in university..haha..


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