Journals 04

Today, I’ll told you about my most biggest injured in my life. (This story is one of my best stories.)

It happened when I was 14 years old. I was a junior high school student. I used to play skateboarding with my friends in the park. At the time I had practiced a flip trick. ”A flip trick” is the trick to spin a skateboard. That trick was difficult for me. I had to kick the edge of the board while I was jumping with the board.
And one day, I was skateboarding with my friends as usual. I tried a flip again and again and again and again… I did it really hard core.
AND THEN the moment when I kicked my skate deck to flip the deck, it stood between my legs. Because at that time, my height was a little short, the length of my foot and the sk8board, was almost equally. So I had no way to defend the clash of the deck and my sweet nuts. I couldn’t avoid the worst accident. I felt The most sharpest edge of the world in my left nut. I putted my whole weight on my left testicle. Suddenly everything went white, and I fell down carefully and slowly. Because the pain was so f**k’n crazy laud that I couldn’t even to speak!! What’s an unbearable pain!! I was fighting for breath. My tears never stopped. And I kept quite. My friends couldn’t help it. I had no other choice but to go home.
After a while, I tried to sit astride my bike. Of cause I couldn’t sit astride. It was so painful. I was riding to stay stand and crying bitterly. And then I arrive at home, I checked my ball gingerly because It was still too hurt. When I saw it, I was amazed that IT WAS BLOODING!!! F**K!!!!! I could see inside a little of my small pouch. It’s pink and blood feels more washy than other blood I had seen. Like a diluted blood with water. It was so gross view.
After my eyes away from my sexy pouch, I was walking around in my room while thinking a lot of things. [What f**k is this?! o,ok..What should I do. Should I go to hospital? Noway. No. Never. It’s absolutely impossible. It’s disgrace to show my precious. It would be shameful for me. I can’t do it.] I thought so. But I can do it now. I was so shy because I was an adolescent boy at that time. I completely got into panic. How do you think what I did moment? I decided to take care of my son myself. It’s common thing. I applied an antiseptic to the wound. I screamed. It’s so hurt. I can’t stop my tears. But I had to do it. Chiefly, I afraid that my testicles loss of the function. So I had to have patience and do it elaborately.
The scar would gradually become small. I needed about a month’s convalescence for complete recovery.

I have a scar now. Of cause I have never shown my scar for anybody. Except my girlfriend. She was laughing when I showed it. Yes.. I have white small scar.Needless to say, the freaky accident destroyed my motivation to continue sk8. I stopped skateboarding from that. THAT’S IT.



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